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Dogs are not linear, and neither is dog training. We recognize that every dog has different needs, personalities and capabilities.  Our goal is to establish a relationship with our clients and their dogs that represents adaptation.

Connected K-9 believes in proper, balanced training, implementing markers, positive reinforcement, and structured corrections.  As we get to know your dog, a curriculum specifically designed for your dog will be integrated into your home with the end goal being consistency and success. 



Connected K-9 strives to offer personalized options for dogs and their owners.  We offer several structured quadrants of activities to choose from - but these are not our limit in terms of services.  If you need services more customized for you and your dogs needs, please feel free to contact us for more details.



Puppies & dogs 8+ weeks old

Private lessons are the perfect option for owners who have the time to dedicate to their dogs inside and outside the home.  At Connected K-9, we'll provide the tools, information, and guidelines necessary to train your dog. 

Private lessons are a great option for dogs of all sizes, ages, and breeds.  Each visit to our clients are 

customized to specific needs and goals. 

Private lessons can be scheduled at your convenience. Weekly or bi-weekly, lessons typically last for one to two hours. 

See pricing for details.


Structured training  - out and about

Day trips are a unique and efficient ways to get training in away from home without going through our board and train route. These trips are a full day packed with socialization, exposure,  and training. Your pup will enjoy a small controlled play group in the morning, practice home manners in the home, and venture out into public to work on public access skills to insure your dog can handle new environments gradually with ease.

Your pup will be picked up in the morning, then dropped off in the evening. Giving you plenty of time to do house chores, or run errands!

See pricing for details.



Connected K-9 has the privilege of

testing for AKC titles


Good Canine Citzien (CGC)

Good Canine Citizen Advanced (CGCA)

Urban Good Canine Citizen (CGCU)

S.T.A.R Puppy

The Canine Good Citizen test is a certification program that evaluates dogs in simulated everyday situations in a relaxed, non-competitive atmosphere.

The CGC test is a fantastic title to have when it comes down to home-owners insurance, landlords with pet policies, or just to have as a trophy to show you and your dogs teamwork. 

After your dog passes the CGC, you have the option to go higher with the CGCA and CGCU certifications.




Trust and Freedom

Does your dog not come when called?  Zero control around birds, squirrels, or other dogs?  Do you wish for your dog to have more freedom?

Off leash skills are extremely important for all dogs.  It can literally save lives.  It gives freedom that most dogs don't allow you the privilege to have.


We train off leash skills with a device called an e-collar.  The e-collar acts a TENs unit; it is an involuntary muscle twitch, not a shock. The e-collar acts as a communication device to your dog.  Please email us if you have any questions. Please see our pricing section for more information.

Playing Catch

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they 

make our lives whole."

- Roger Caras

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